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  Cat Furniture: Hollow Tree Cat Tower
  from real tree, cat perch platforms, windows, climbing pole for tree-top fun and adventure


Cat furniture tower
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Cat furniture from nature, this hollow tree cat tower is spectacular. It is actually enclosed all the way around -- for the photos here, one panel was removed so you could see the interior. Designed and crafted by an artisan woodworker, it will give your kitties wonderful adventures. This structure is made from trees that were downed by nature, such as storms, or trees collected from approved clearing activities of others.

Cat furniture notes: This kitty tower thrills felines who are active players. If you have older kitties who are not very active, it's probably better to invest instead in our scratching posts or bark scratching and perching stool.

Cat Tower Tree
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A full sized kitty tree is inside the structure, including bark covered platforms for navigating and perching, sisal wrapped sections for scratching, and another cat perch at the top. The inside walls are sanded smooth. Depending on the type of timber available, the outside surface has the exterior bark intact, giving a woodsy look, or the bark removed, which reveals the wood grain. Tip proof design. All wood is kiln dried, which sterilizes the wood for home use. Each tower has a door opening at floor level and a number windows for peering out or for leaping in and out.

Cat Tree
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This cat furniture's floor space requirement is similar to that of an overstuffed armchair. The individual panel sections are drawn tightly together with hemp or sisal roping, ensuring structural integrity and making this furniture 100 percent organic. Each structure is unique because of the variations in nature. Creating a tower requires over 300 hours of work, and there is a three-month minimum time frame until shipment. Price starts at $4950. SORRY OUT OF STOCK. Please email us for further information.
Kitty Tower
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