Cat Scratching Posts at Love That Kat Store


Cat Scratching Post
    Natural solid wood cat scratching post 32 inches tall
    Designed to eliminate declawing and save furniture.


   cat scratching post   This cat scratching post attracts cats with the natural wood they crave and with clever play features. The soft, unfinished white cedar has the appeal of a tree trunk and looks beautiful in any room.  Click here for larger view.

Each natural scratching post for cats comes with an easy-to-follow booklet that helps teach even independent felines to claw this post exclusively. Designed by a lifelong cat lover, this is a third-generation product that has benefited greatly from cat and human feedback.  

Taller than scratching posts sold at other pet supplies stores, this post is 32 inches tall and allows even larger, adult kitties a much-needed, long stretch. Unlike others, this post is strong, long lasting, and difficult to tip over. Post is 4x4 inch northern white cedar. The horizontal base is 1x5 inch western red cedar measuring 32 inches across.

 scratch post top Cats love the fun of the stretchy toy and getting treats, catnip, or small toys from the top reward nest or the mouse hole on the side.

"This is hands down the best scratching post   I've ever seen."    --customer testimonial.

 sweetie scratching Declawing Is Unnecessary. Cat lovers know that a cat without claws is like a bird without wings, but if your pet is scratching the sofa or another vulnerable surface, you need to redirect his natural need to exercise his claws. The good news is you can train your cat to claw where you want it to provided you have a scratching post your cat likes plus effective and simple cat-training techniques (a great booklet comes with every post).

cat post claw marks Cats are programmed to scratch and mark tree trunks in the wild. White cedar has the claw-pleasing roughness cats crave and is so soft they can easily dig their claws in for maximum scratching satisfaction. It is also a very pretty wood that features shades of cream and tan and attractive grain patterns. This picture shows claw marks after several years of happy customers Albert and Lucy using their post (this earlier model has a different base). Thanks to Bonnie for sending the photo of Albert.  Please read about shipping and returns policies.

sweetie scratching The Post's Natural Advantages. This post has a beautiful design that looks great in any room. It is natural wood that attracts kitties. The post contains no chemical treatments, stains, or dyes. This post never looks unsightly and it's prettier than new or old carpeted posts. It is solid wood to the core. Each post comes with the manufacturer's trademark emblem on one side.

natural cedar crack Over time, cracks such as the one pictured are not unusual because white cedar is so soft and stringy (characteristics that make it ideal for scratching!). A crack does not affect the usability of the post and seems to encourage scratching--cats like to poke their claws into them. Some people even press treats into the cracks to encourage and reinforce scratching.   48.95  

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