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Cat Furniture Information
about furniture, ordering, shipping, returns

This refers to the carpeted cat furniture cat trees and
playhouses that have seven carpet color options.
For other types of cat furniture, see specific product page.

Please retain a copy of your order form and order number.

This furniture ships only to street addresses in 48 states.


1. Older or Inactive Cats:  These wonderful structures thrill kitties who are active players. If you have older felines who are not very active, it's probably better to invest instead in our scratching posts or bark footstool/scratcher.

2. Cats who play a lot or like to jump on furniture, and cats who enjoy perching or snoozing on elevated surfaces will love this furniture!

3. Safety:  Do not allow other pets or children to play, stand, or sit on this furniture. It's made for cats only.

Airing out: We recommend that all cat furniture be aired out for a couple days in a well ventilated area to help avoid potential human and/or pet sensitivities to the scents of any synthetic and/or natural materials used.
Kittens go wild for this furniture, but do not allow very young kittens to play without supervision on this furniture. Young kittens who do not have experience or full coordination may hurt themselves if they fall from an elevated perch.

4. Assembly:   This furniture is delivered to your door fully assembled.

5. Carpet colors:   Carpet color samples shown on the web site are only approximate due to the differences in computer monitors and to the occasional variations in tone or hue that occur during carpet manufacturing. For example, the actual carpet may be lighter or darker than what you see on the web site.

6. Care of furniture:   All materials used are very long lasting and can be maintained with a weekly vacuuming -- when you're cats are not on the cat furniture. ;-)

7. Location and cat acceptance:  Depending on a cat's personality and the activities in your home, he or she may like to use the cat furniture in some locations but not others. Also, some cats are skittish with any new object, some are uncomfortable if they are in the path of foot traffic, or near commotion. Other cats like new things and like to be in the midst of action. The answer for skittish cats is to sprinkle a little catnip on cat tree surfaces, don't make a fuss over the furniture or the cat, allow the cat to become familiar in his own time, and/or try a more private location.

Most cats love this furniture and its fun features. Most will create new routines with it and claim it as their own special place after a short investigation period.

8. We ship cat furniture only to street addresses in 48 states. Sorry, we do not ship to post office boxes or to Hawaii or to Alaska.

9. Orders are processed faster if you pay by credit card or by funds from your PayPal account. Orders paid by money orders have the second fastest processing time. The slowest order processing occurs when you pay by check, because we must wait to receive the check and then wait for it to to clear before the manufacturer starts to make your cat furniture.

10. If you pay by credit card or by PayPal account, we ship only to the credit card billing address.

11. Delivery time:   After we receive payment, this cat furniture usually takes about 3 weeks to make for you; this does not include shipping time, which varies depending on your location.   If the manufacturer is very busy, it may take longer. Love That Cat will contact you by email if a delay arises. If you believe your order is overdue in arriving, please contact Love That Cat promptly and include your invoice number.

Also, check that you made no typos on the order form shipping address (see copy emailed to you when you placed your order). If the package is returned because you did not contact the shipping service in time, or you made a typo, or the shipping service could not deliver to your address according to their guidelines, we will not re-ship unless you pay an additional shipping fee. This is because we have to pay the shipping service for shipping each way. If you choose not to have such a package re-shipped, we will not issue a refund. If the package was returned to sender because we made a mistake, however, we will pay to re-ship the package.

12. Limited Warranty:  The manufacturer guarantees the furniture to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of shipment for a period of one year from the shipping date. Normal wear and use of the furniture does not apply to this warranty.

13. Returns:  This cat furniture cannot be returned except under specific circumstances related to defect. If there is a defect, contact Love That Cat, and give your order number and explanation. If there is a defect, the manufacturer may choose to provide a replacement part to you if the manufacturer determines it is warranted.

14. Cancelled or refused orders:  If you cancel an order after it has been shipped -- or if you or someone at your address refuses receipt of your package when it is delivered, there is no refund.

15. If you receive a shipment that is different from what you ordered, you must send us a message within 5 days of the delivery date to let us know. Please include your order number and explain the situation. We will not honor a claim for a missing item or an incorrect item after 5 days of package delivery.

16. Damaged product: Send Love That Cat a message within two days of delivery to you. Give your invoice number and a description of the problem, and we will give you instructions to arrange a correction. The shipping service may ask you to hold on to the product and packaging for their inspection. Any replacement or assistance will be given by the manufacturer after they review the situation.