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Cat Litter Box Chest: Information, Shipping,
Policies, and Procedures

This page refers to the cat litter box chest.
For other types of cat furniture and cat products, see specific product page.

This product ships only to street addresses in 48 states.

Fastest order processing = Orders paid online that are being shipped to the credit card billing address normally take one to two business days to process, not including shipping time.
Second fastest order processing = Orders paid by money order.
Slowest order processing = Orders paid by check (we do all banking by U.S. Mail and we wait for bank to send check-clearance notice by U.S. Mail, which can take quite a while).

Payment online: A button on our order form takes you to the high-security PayPal web site to give your credit card info. When you are at PayPal, please make sure your credit card billing address is showing in the "Shipping Address" space. This is the address PayPal uses to compare with your credit card company's records.

Cat litter box chest orders take about four weeks to make, and they are usually shipped via FedEx.  

How long does it take for the package to reach you once it is shipped?
One to ten business days
depending on the distance you are located from the west coast. Rural or remote areas may take slightly longer. Weekends and holidays are not business days.


WE CONSIDER THAT YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS ON THIS PAGE WHEN YOU ORDER THIS CAT FURNITURE. We want all our customers to read the product description on the product page and the recommendations and policies on this page. That is why there is a link to this page on the product page and a statement for customers to read this page when we send the shipping notice to each customer. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not order.

1. Safety:  Do not allow other pets or children to play, stand, or sit on this furniture. It's made for domestic cats only.

Airing out: Most materials and products used to make the litter box chest are chosen for their low toxicity and low fumes. Still, to avoid any possible sensitivity to the scents, we recommend that the parts before assembly be aired out for a couple days in a well ventilated area.

2. Assembly:   Easy step-by-step instructions are included in every order. If needed, the manufacturer is available by email to answer any questions.

3. Interior Materials and Finishes:  Inside the litterbox chest, the bottom and the dividers are made of melamine that is moisture resistant. Other parts of the interior are coated with a sealer to help prevent moisture from affecting the wood. However, the manufacturer recommends that if you have a cat who misses the litter pan regularly, it is a good idea for you to apply sealer to the interior wood every 12 months or so, using a wood sealer that will not affect cats (e.g., a water-based sealer, that has dried thoroughly before cats are allowed inside).

4. Location and cat acceptance:  Depending on your cat's personality and the activities in your home, he or she may like to use this litter box chest in some locations but not others. Also, some cats are skittish with any new object, some are uncomfortable if they are in the path of foot traffic, or near commotion. Other cats like new things and like to be in the midst of action. The answer for skittish cats is to sprinkle a little catnip inside, don't make a fuss over the furniture or the cat, allow the cat to become familiar in his own time, and/or try a more private location. Frequently switching the location of this chest may be counterproductive.

5. Order processing time:   Orders paid by credit card online or by PayPal account get processed the fastest. If the order is being shipped to an address that is not your credit card billing address, the order processing will take longer. When you fill out the payment form at PayPal, please do not include any address except your credit card billing address.

Orders paid by money order are processed as soon as we receive the money order. Orders paid by check take quite a while longer because we wait for our bank to process and send the notice of check clearance by US Mail.

If you believe your order is overdue in arriving, please contact Love That Cat promptly and include your invoice number. Check that you typed your correct address on the order form (see copy emailed to you when you placed your order).

6. If the package is returned to sender:  If the package is not delivered to you and gets sent back to the sender because you did not respond to an "attempted delivery" notice in time, or you made an address typo, or the shipping service could not deliver to your address according to their guidelines, we will not re-ship it unless you pay an additional shipping fee. This is because we have to pay the shipping service for transporting the package each time. If you choose not to have us re-ship such a package, we will issue a refund of your payment, minus the shipping fee(s) and minus an eight percent restocking fee. If the package was returned to sender because we made a mistake, however, we will pay to re-ship the package.

7. Guarantee:  This cat furniture is intended for indoor home use. After you assemble your cat litter box chest, the manufacturer will replace any part at no charge to you if a defect appears within 30 days of the delivery date. To qualify, the manufacturer requires that before 30 days, you contact the manufacturer through the email address provided in the furniture package and describe the problem and also give them information to prove you purchased. The manufacturer will contact you if they need more information. All guarantee policies and procedures are set by the manufacturer.

If there is a defect, the manufacturer will provide replacement part(s) as described in the paragraph above, but the manufacturer will not give a refund. Love That Cat will not give a refund. Further, Love That Cat accepts no responsibility for defects because the manufacturer offers the thirty-day guarantee and the manufacturer will replace parts if you report a defect within the 30 days. Decisions about sending parts are made solely by the manufacturer.

8. Returns:  Because this cat litter box chest is made upon order, the manufacturer does not accept returns --- so be sure to measure your space carefully before ordering and read the product description carefully.

9. Cancelled or refused orders:  If you cancel an order after it has been shipped -- or if you or someone at your address refuses receipt of your package when delivery is attempted, and the shipping service returns the package to the sender, we will issue a refund of your payment, minus all shipping fees and minus a 10 percent restocking fee. A refund to you will be issued after the item is returned to the manufacturer and after we review the situation.

10. If you receive a shipment that does not contain all the items you ordered, and there is no written explanation included in the shipment: You must send us a message within 5 days of the delivery date to let us know. Please include your order number. We will not honor a claim for a missing item after 5 days of package delivery.

11. Incorrect product: You must send us a message with your order number and an explanation of situation within 5 days of delivery.

12. Damaged shipping container and damaged product: Contact the shipping service (if FedEx, phone 1-800-GO-FEDEX) quickly to report any damage, and hold on to the box and shipping materials in case the shipping service needs to inspect it. After inspection, the shipping service may choose to pick up the box, product, and packing materials from you. Any replacement or assistance will be given by FedEx and/or the manufacturer after they review the situation.