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Cedar cat houses:
Information and Return Policies, Procedures

This refers to the cedar cat houses.
For other types of cat furniture, see specific product page.

Please retain a copy of your order form and order number.

This furniture ships only to street addresses in 48 states.


1. These wonderful cedar cat houses will provide shelter from wind, wet weather, and sun. Cedar wood is long lasting, rot resistant, and it ages naturally over time, becoming a lovely, soft grey color. Cedar is a soft wood that will naturally have some shrinkage over time. To provide the most protection from wind and wet weather, try to position the doorway opening so that it faces away from the direction of prevailing wind. For cold winters, you may wish to add a deep pile of clean, loose straw inside. Straw has insulating properties and will not hold moisture as easily as other materials. Straw can be swept out and replenished every winter season. (Most cloth items, such as towels, pet beds, and blankets, are not recommended because they will hold moisture, which can create mildew, become cold, or freeze). Another idea for adding winter warmth is to put inside the house a cup-shaped cat bed made of several layers of high quality polar fleece. Polar fleece can be machine washed and dried periodically; use unscented anti-static sheets in the dryer to eliminate static in this synthetic fabric. (Static will scare a cat away).

2. Appearance:  Each cat house will have its own unique look because of the cedar wood's natural variations. The wood is unfinished, so that its natural markings, variations in texture and character shows through. See customer comments at page bottom.

3. Safety:  This cat house is made for cats only. For safety, do not permit children to play, stand, or sit on it.

4. Assembly:   Easy instructions are included in every order. It arrives in the form of several panels. It will take about 20 minutes to assemble, using an automatic screwdriver, but a manual screwdriver will work also.

5. Location and cat acceptance:  Your cat may prefer to use the cat house in some locations and not in other locations, depending on his or her personality and the types of activities nearby. Also, some cats are skittish with any new object, and some cats are uncomfortable if they are near pedestrian traffic, noise from machinery, or other commotion. Many cats prefer not to be out in the open in case an unfriendly animal or person approaches, so placing the house near shrubbery and near easy exit routes is generally a good idea. To help encourage a skittish cat, try putting a small bowl of his favorite food inside and don't make a fuss about the cat house or the cat, allow the cat to become familiar in his own time, and/or try a more private location. There is always the possibility that a cat will not see the benefit of the house until he or she hops into it during a storm. Most cats, however, love this cat house after a short investigation period.

6. Delivery time:   After we receive payment, this cat house takes between one and four weeks to make for you, depending on the number of orders received recently; this does not include shipping time, which could be between 2 and 10 days, depending on your location. For orders paid by check, we must wait for your check to clear before the manufacturer starts work on your cat house. Credit card payment online or payment from a PayPal account gets the quickest turnaround time. Payment by money order sent by US Mail being second fastest. This cat house is shipped only to street addresses in the 48 states. If you believe your order is overdue in arriving, please contact Love That Cat and include your invoice number.

Also, check that you made no typos in your shipping address when you filled out the order form (see the copy emailed to you when you placed your order). If the package is returned because you did not contact the shipping service in time, or you made a typo, or the shipping service could not deliver to your address according to their guidelines, we will not re-ship unless you pay an additional shipping fee. This is because we have to pay the shipping service for shipping each way. If you choose not to have such a package re-shipped, we will issue a refund of your payment, minus the shipping fee(s) and an eight percent restocking fee. If the package was returned to sender because we made a mistake, however, we will pay to re-ship the package.

7. Guarantee:  If there is a defect in the cat house, please email Love That Cat within 10 days of receiving it, and tell us your order number and a description of the problem, and we will give you instructions to arrange assistance from the manufacturer. The manufacturer guarantees you a good product and will repair or replace any defective part if you contact us within 10 days of the delivery date.

8. Returns:  If you wish to return a product for a reason other than a defect, you must:

=Contact Love That Cat, and give your order number and explanation, and request the special shipping address
=Ship the furniture back to the proper address within 30 days of the date it was delivered to you and pay for the shipping, insurance, delivery confirmation, and any other fees required by the shipping service you use.
=The product must be in re-sellable condition -- so you need to pack it carefully in the manner it was packed originally. It should be clean and unused, with no pet hair or dirt on it.
=You must send it to the proper shipping address, insured, with delivery confirmation.
=You notify us when it has shipped and tell us the tracking number.

9. Cancelled or refused orders:  If you cancel an order after it has been shipped -- or if you or someone at your address refuses receipt of your package when it is delivered, and the shipping service returns the package to the sender, we will issue a refund of your payment, minus all shipping fees and minus a 10 percent restocking fee. A refund to you will be issued after the item is returned to the sender and after we review the situation.

10. If you receive a shipment that does not contain all the items you ordered, and there is no written explanation included in the shipment: You must send us a message within 5 days of the delivery date to let us know. Please include your order number. We will not honor a claim for a missing item after 5 days of package delivery.

11. Damaged items: If any parts are damaged when they arrive, it is important that you phone the shipping service as soon as possible to report it and to hold onto all packaging materials and cartons. Also, please send Love That Cat a message within three days of delivery to you. Give your invoice number and a description of the problem.

Comments from customers who bought the cedar cat house:

The cat house arrived today, and we have already assembled it. It is great! I sprinkled a little cat nip inside to entice our cat to check it out. It is a hit! She loves it and so do we. It is a very well made item. It will probably out last us!
- - - -
Hi, Just a note...about the cat house we purchased... Our small cat, Holiday, was a tad apprehensive at first, but after some catnip on the porch, she realized it was for her and OK to explore. The next day, around mid-morning, we found her lounging on the front porch enjoying the view... It was exactly what we wanted for her. Thanks for building such an easy-to-assemble shelter for our cat...
- - - -
The cat house is beautiful!
- - - -
Quality item, great price, fast shipping, our cat loves the house.
- - - -
Husband put together without one swear! My ferals will love them.
- - - -
We received the house in perfect condition. I was afraid that the cat might not use it but he's moved right in and enjoys looking out the door.
- - - -
The house is very beautiful. The house is very straightforward to put together. It took about 15 mins for me to place them together.