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Cat Furniture: Information, Shipping,
Return Policies, and Procedures

This page refers to furniture models 5801, 6202, 7202, 7401, 7701, 8001, 8201. For info about other models on our web site, see the related product page. This furniture ships only to street addresses. Sorry, no shipping to AK or HI.


DELAYS FOR ORDERS PAID BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER: For now, orders paid by check or money order are delayed because we have no staff member available to drive to the post office. Also, there is a further delay for orders paid by check because we must wait for the check to clear (up to 12 more business days).

If paying via PayPal: please put your credit card billing address as the "Shipping Address" on the PayPal form. This is because PayPal's system compares the address in the "Shipping Address" space with the address your credit card company has for you. This is one of the methods PayPal's system uses to help confirm your identity.

All shipping is via UPS.

After order processing is completed, how long does it take for the package to be delivered?
About three business days
to addresses in New England, Northeastern, and Mid-Atlantic states, and some states that border those. Rural or remote areas may take slightly longer. Weekends and holidays are not business days.
Three to six business days to addresses in other states. Addresses in the far northwest or in rural or remote areas may take slightly longer. Weekends and holidays are not business days.


WE CONSIDER THAT YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS ON THIS PAGE WHEN YOU ORDER THIS CAT FURNITURE. We want all our customers to read the furniture descriptions, safety recommendations, and policies on this page. That is why there is a link to this page in every section where there is a purchase button for this furniture and why we give a link to this page in the shipping notice email message that we send to each customer. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not order.

1. Older or Inactive Cats:  These wonderful structures thrill kitties who are active players. If you have older felines who are not very active, they may choose to use lower levels depending on their individual level of physical comfort and sense of security. If you are looking for something for your cat to scratch instead of your own furniture, these models may help, but another choice is to buy a full sized scratching post.

2. Cats who play a lot or like to jump on furniture, and cats who enjoy perching or snoozing on elevated surfaces will love this furniture!

3. Safety:  Do not allow other pets or children to play, stand, or sit on this furniture. It's made for domestic cats only.

Airing out: We recommend that all cat furniture or parts before assembly be aired out for a couple days in a well ventilated area to help avoid potential human and/or pet sensitivities to the scents of any synthetic and/or natural materials used.
Kittens go wild for this furniture, but do not allow young kittens to play without supervision on this furniture. Young kittens who do not have experience or full coordination may hurt themselves if they fall from an elevated perch.
Toy safety:  Please do a safety check of all toys included with this furniture. Inspect the toys, toy connectors, and other toy parts for safety, strength, breakability, chewability -- and discard any toys or toy parts that might not be safe. Love That Cat does not have a chance to inspect the toys the manufacturer ships with this furniture, so it is possible that some toy parts may not be safe for kittens and cats if a part breaks or comes off from chewing or tugging. Also, ring-shaped parts, things like buttons or beads, tinsel, elastic cord, plastic, string, metal, etc. could cause choking or intestinal damage if swallowed. Hanging toys could injure a cat if his claw gets caught while he is up high.

4. Assembly:   Easy step-by-step instructions are included in every order as well as tools for putting it together.

5. Materials:
Horizontal parts, ramps, ladders:
Models 7202, 7701, 8001 = Plywood. Starting late 2006, Model 7401 has one panel that is pressed wood -- all other 7401 parts (i.e., horizontal parts, ramps, and ladders) are plywood.
Models 5801, 6202, 8201 = Pressed wood.
Covers are synthetic fabric -- NOT CARPET. The cover fabric is softer than carpet.
Models 7701 and 8201 = Faux Berber Fleece fabric
Models 5801, 6202, 7202, 7401, 8001 = Faux Fur fabric.
For models 7202, 7401, 7701, 8001, 8201, the fabric covers the top of all platforms and perches and it is tucked under all edges but it does not completely cover the underside of these platforms and perches.
On models 5801 and 6202, the fabric covers the undersides of platforms and perches.
Inside of Houses:
Models 7202, 7401, 7701, 8001, and 8201 have natural plywood interiors with the inside floor covered in fabric.
Models 5801 and 6202 have faux fur covering the entire interior of the houses.
Poles are 3-1/2 inch diameter and they are made of strong multi-layered cardboard tubing. Poles are wrapped with 1/4 inch natural sisal rope. All poles have a rigid plastic insert at each end, which strengthens the joints.

These structures are lighter weight than structures made of all wood, but these models are designed so that they are well balanced and stable.

6. Care of furniture:   All materials used are long lasting and can be maintained with a weekly vacuuming -- when your cat is not on the cat furniture. ;-)

7. Location and cat acceptance:  Depending on your cat's personality and the activities in your home, he or she may like to use the cat furniture in some locations but not others. Also, some cats are skittish with any new object, some are uncomfortable if they are in the path of foot traffic, or near commotion. Other cats like new things and like to be in the midst of action. The answer for skittish cats is to sprinkle a little catnip on cat tree surfaces, don't make a fuss over the furniture or the cat, allow the cat to become familiar in his own time, and/or try a more private location.

Most cats love this furniture and its fun features. Most will create new routines with it and claim it as their own special place after a short investigation period.

8. Delivery time:   Orders paid by credit card online or by PayPal account get processed the fastest, followed by orders paid by money orders. Orders paid by check take quite a while longer because we wait for the notice of check clearance to arrive by US Mail. See top of page about time it takes to ship. If you believe your order is overdue in arriving, please contact Love That Cat promptly and include your invoice number. Check that you typed your correct address on the order form (see copy emailed to you when you placed your order).

9. If the package is returned to sender:  If the package is not delivered to you and gets sent back to the sender because you did not respond to an "attempted delivery" notice in time, or you made an address typo, or the shipping service could not deliver to your address according to their guidelines, we will not re-ship it unless you pay an additional shipping fee. This is because we have to pay the shipping service for transporting the package each time. If you choose not to have us re-ship such a package, we will issue a refund of your payment, minus the shipping fee(s) and minus an eight percent restocking fee. If the package was returned to sender because we made a mistake, however, we will pay to re-ship the package.

10. Delivery date and protecting your package:  Love That Cat will send you the tracking number by email as soon as the manufacturer sends it to us. Please check the shipping service's web site and/or phone them periodically to keep abreast of the delivery date. The date may change depending on the service's schedule and capacity in your neighborhood. We recommend that you arrange to have someone receive the package at your address. If you must leave a note directing the shipping service to deliver to a neighbor, put it in an envelope, write the shipping company's name on it, and attach to your door. In any case, Love That Cat cannot be responsible if no one is available to receive the package at your address and it is lost or stolen, or damaged from weather or vandalism.

Please open the package carefully so that you can re-use the packaging if you wish to return the product. For refunds, you must pack the product exactly as it arrived, so that it is protected on its way back (see "Returns" below). The manufacturer will not accept the return if the product was damaged during transit because of poor packing. Shipping services can be very rough with packages, so pack for protection.

11. Guarantee:  This cat furniture is intended for indoor home use. After you assemble your cat furniture, the manufacturer will replace any part at no charge to you if a defect appears within six months of the delivery date. To qualify for a free part, the manufacturer requires that before six months, you contact the manufacturer through the email address provided in the furniture package and describe the problem and also give them information to prove you purchased. The manufacturer will contact you if they need more information. All guarantee policies and procedures are set by the manufacturer.

If there is a defect, the manufacturer will provide replacement part(s) as described in the paragraph above (para. 11.), but the manufacturer will not give a refund. Love That Cat will not give a refund. This is because this cat furniture is sold at a substantial discount. For example, Love That Cat charges much less than the retail prices. Further, Love That Cat accepts no responsibility for defects because the manufacturer offers a six-month guarantee and the manufacturer will replace parts if defective within the six months. If a part breaks after six months, the manufacturer will replace the part for a small fee. Decisions about sending parts are made solely by the manufacturer.

12. Returns:  If you are not fully satisfied with this cat furniture, you may return it under the following conditions:

You must notify Love That Cat within 7 days of delivery and give your order number so that we can give you the proper shipping address.
Item must be returned in new condition and in the complete original packaging.
Item must be properly packaged, insured, and shipped with a tracking number. On the label, you must also write "Purchased from". Do not write on the box.
The manufacturer will not accept a return if the product was damaged in transit because of poor packing.
Love That Cat does not accept returns at their office because the manufacturer is the only party qualified to review whether the product is re-sellable. The manufacturer is the decision maker about whether the product is re-sellable and about whether you qualify for a refund.
You must promptly email Love That Cat giving your order number and the tracking number.
After the returned item is received, the item will be inspected, and if everything is in resellable condition and follows the steps above, you will receive a refund to your credit card or a refund by check, for the purchase price. We cannot refund the shipping fee because the fee was used to pay the shipping service for shipping the package.

13. Cancelled or refused orders:  If you cancel an order after it has been shipped -- or if you or someone at your address refuses receipt of your package when delivery is attempted, and the shipping service returns the package to the sender, we will issue a refund of your payment, minus all shipping fees and minus a 10 percent restocking fee. A refund to you will be issued after the item is returned to sender and after we review the situation.

14. If you receive a shipment that does not contain all the items you ordered, and there is no written explanation included in the shipment: You must send us a message within 5 days of the delivery date to let us know. Please include your order number. We will not honor a claim for a missing item after 5 days of package delivery.

15. Incorrect product: You must send us a message with your order number and an explanation of situation within 5 days of delivery.

16. Damaged shipping container and damaged product: Send Love That Cat a message within four days of delivery to you. Give your invoice number and a description of the problem, and we will give you instructions to arrange a correction. The shipping service may require that you hold on to the product and packaging for their inspection. After inspection, the shipping service may choose to pick the box and the product up from you. The manufacturer will file a claim with the shipping service. Any replacement or assistance will be given by the manufacturer after they review the situation.