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Cat furniture models AA, BB, CC, DD:
Returns & Delivery Policies & Furniture Features

This refers to the cat furniture models AA, BB, CC, DD.
For other types of cat furniture, see specific product page.

Please retain a copy of your order form and order number.

This furniture ships only to street addresses in 48 states.


1. These furniture models give cats great fun and enjoyment. They are made from solid wood, with solid wood posts -- thicker than the standard 2 x 4s -- and covered in high quality carpet. Sisal rope is also used for play toys and scratching sections.

2. Safety:  This cat furniture is made for cats only. For safety, do not permit children to play, stand, or sit on it.

Airing out: We recommend that all cat furniture or parts before assembly be aired out for a couple days in a well ventilated area to help avoid potential human and/or pet sensitivities to the scents of any synthetic and/or natural materials used.
Kittens go wild for this furniture, but do not allow very young kittens to play without supervision on this furniture. Young kittens who do not have experience or full coordination may hurt themselves if they fall from an elevated perch.

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3. Assembly:   Easy instructions are included in every order.

4. Location and cat acceptance:  Your cat may prefer to use the cat furniture in some locations and not in other locations, depending on his or her personality and the types of activities nearby. Also, some cats are skittish with any new object, and some cats are uncomfortable if they are near pedestrian traffic, noise from appliances, or other commotion. Some cats prefer not to be out in the open, but many cats like this furniture anywhere. To help encourage a skittish cat, try sprinkling catnip on the platforms -- and don't make a fuss about the furniture or the cat, allow the cat to become familiar in his own time, and/or try a more private location. Most cats love this cat furniture after a short investigation period.

5. Delivery time:   After we receive payment, this cat furniture normally takes about three weeks to make for you; this does not include shipping time, which could be between 1 and 8 days, depending on your location. An order paid by check takes a lot longer because we bank by US Mail and we also wait for check clearance notification by US Mail. The studio does not begin work until the check has cleared. Orders paid by credit card have the quickest turnaround time, with money orders sent by US Mail being second fastest. If you believe your order is overdue in arriving, please contact Love That Cat and include your invoice number.

Also, make sure you made no typos in your shipping address when you filled out the order form (see the copy emailed to you when you placed your order). If the package is returned because you made a typo or other address error, we will not re-ship unless you pay an additional shipping fee. This is because we have to pay the shipping service for shipping each way. If you choose not to have such a package re-shipped, we will issue a refund of your payment, minus the shipping fee(s) and an eight percent restocking fee. If the package was returned to sender because we made a mistake, however, we will pay to re-ship the package.

6. Returns:  If you are not completely satisfied with your cat furniture, contact us by email with your order number within three days of receiving it. Cat furniture must be returned in a new cardboard box, in the same way it was originally packed, within seven days of your refund request. You must send it insured, use a service with a tracking number, and contact Love That Cat quickly with the tracking number. Cat furniture returned must be new and unused. Refund amount will be for purchase price only. Shipping fees will not be refunded.

7. Cancelled or refused orders:  If you cancel an order after it has been shipped -- or if you or someone at your address refuses receipt of your package when it is delivered, and the shipping service returns the package to the sender, we will issue a refund of your payment, minus all shipping fees and minus an eight percent restocking fee. A refund to you will be issued after the item is returned to the sender and after we review the situation.

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8. Shipping:  If the shipping service cannot deliver because the address you gave us was incorrect, and the package is returned to the studio, we can re-ship only after you pay all shipping fees. If you do not wish the package to be re-shipped, we will issue a refund minus shipping fees and minus an eight percent restocking fee.

9. If you receive a shipment that does not contain all the items you ordered, and there is no written explanation included in the shipment: You must send us a message within 5 days of the delivery date to let us know. Please include your order number. We will not honor a claim for a missing item after 5 days of package delivery.

10. Damaged shipping container and damaged product: You must file a damage claim and resolve any damage issues with the shipping service. The shipping service may ask you to hold on to the product and packaging for their inspection.

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